Transition Networks


Couple the ever-growing need for device bandwidth with the need for secure data sharing and it’s clear that Fiber-to-the-Desk (FTTD) is the solution to deliver both bandwidth and security all the way to the desk. We offer solutions to integrate your existing network infrastructure or interface to your network devices to capitalize on the benefits of fiber networking.

Our ION Multi-Service Integration Platform offers a dense, rack mount solution at the data center to convert your existing copper to fiber. For your computer, laptop or tablet computer, we offer a complete line of stand-alone media converters or embedded PC converters based upon NIC  and M.2 standards, or our innovative Scorpion-USB™ fiber adapters.

We value Transition Networks as a vendor. We have been extremely impressed with the capabilities and performance of their products and even more with their support and willingness to work with us to add features or address issues.

Vice President of Telecommunications For a Southeastern Region Power Utility Company