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Connect and Power Network Devices Without the Need for Expensive Power Runs and Additional Cabling

Networks today evolve quickly and must be both flexible and scalable. Getting power where it is needed within those networks – such as to security cameras, wireless access points, or IP phones – is yet another challenge. Power is often not available precisely where it is needed and adding conventional power wiring can be inconvenient and costly. Combining power and data on one cable with Transition Networks’ full line of feature rich Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products eliminates the need for conventional power wiring, eases your installation and power location concerns, and provides your network with the flexibility and scalability necessary to expand and grow.

Entrust Your PoE Needs to a Network Evolution Expert for Maximum Benefits

Transition Networks has long been a leader in providing solutions to ensure your network is equipped to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. By providing PoE, PoE+ and PoE++, our solutions make it simple to install, deploy, and manage power within your network. Transition Networks’ power injectors, media converters and Ethernet switches that operate in extended temperature ranges with industry-required certifications and remote management, create PoE solutions that result in lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance and greater installation flexibility.

Transition Networks has a complete offering to service edge networks

  • Transparent device switching
  • Economical media conversion
  • Solutions combining power and data for fewer and more efficient cable runs
  • Hardened and commercial product offering

Innovative features allow simple installation and maintenance

  • Auto Power Reset (APR) monitors and automatically restarts edge devices
  • DHCP on each switch port reduces the need for manual configuration when devices are replaced
  • Device Management System (DMS) lowers cost, lowers downtime, and provides easier management and maintenance of the entire PoE network

Experienced industry leader for design, consultation, and implementation

  • Solutions that comply with industry specifications
  • Products that meet or exceed quality standards
  • Exceptional customer service

PoE Hardened & Commercial Switches

PoE & PoE+ Switches

PoE switches are useful for integrating campus security into corporate networks in both enterprise and industrial environments. By deploying a PoE switch, power can be provided to both an IP camera monitoring the entrance to a floor as well as to the access control system.

With PoE technology, the remote IP cameras are powered through the copper cable (typically Cat5 or better) that also transmits data. At the center of the network core, a PoE or PoE+ switch can be in place which provides power and data to the IP camera on each port. Transition Networks offers a full range of network switches from 4 to 24 ports with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) and hardened temperature grade options.

Transition Networks offers Smart Managed PoE+ Switches that allow the network administrators to gain significant cost reduction, added capability, tools and benefits for their surveillance network. These Smart PoE+ Switches feature a Device Management System (DMS) software, which can provide the advanced tools necessary for advanced management of IP based network elements. Transition Networks’ unique set of value-added features and capabilities provide security integrators with lower overall cost, less downtime, and easier management and maintenance of the entire PoE+ network.

The Smart Managed PoE+ Switches also support PoE schedule – an option that allows administrators to set a time window that determines when each camera is powered off and on. This can be useful for networks that need to be shut down during certain times of the day, or for automatically scheduling IP camera reboots on a periodic basis with no manual intervention.

Transition Networks has also expanded this Power-over-Ethernet capability to the hardened switches, the hardened PoE+ switches are environmentally hardened to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75°C. Also, these switches can supply up to 30 Watts per port on all PoE+ ports simultaneously. Transition Networks’ hardened PoE+ switches can ensure the reliable connectivity in hazardous locations serving Ethernet networks in Oil & Gas manufacturing or chemical factories.


PoE Media Converters

PoE media converters offer the benefits of PoE while also capitalizing on the benefits of fiber optic cabling to the network edge. PoE media converters are useful in the deployment of fiber-to-the-desk applications for secure connections to VoIP phones. The PoE media converter interfaces between the fiber infrastructure and copper ports on VoIP phones and also provides power to the IP phone. This enables users to experience the benefits of VoIP while maintaining the high level of data security that fiber networks provide. As an end-span device, a PoE media converter fully generates the Ethernet signal and can support transmission distances of up to 100M on copper cable.


PoE Mid-Span Injectors

Transition Networks’ PoE mid-span injectors are ideal for adding PoE to an existing network. PoE mid-span injectors are deployed between a regular Ethernet switch and a powered device, injecting power without affecting the data. Mid-span injectors can also be used in IP video security systems. By deploying the PoE injectors between the IP network cameras and the network switch, the IP cameras are powered over the same cable transmitting the data feed, eliminating the need for a separate external power supply. Transition Networks’ hardened PoE mid-span injectors can be used for the same purposes in an outdoor non-temperature controlled cabinet, eliminating the need to fit an external power supply within the cabinet.


PoE Ethernet Extenders

PoE Ethernet Extenders offer the benefits of PoE over alternate types of existing cabling (such as coax) to upgrade networks without having to replace the cable infrastructure and to provide power to devices at the network edge. PoE Ethernet Extenders are useful in the deployment of new IP network devices, such as upgrading older analog surveillance cameras to modern PoE-powered cameras or wireless access points, and are ideal for use in locations where power cabling is not readily available, not cost-effective to add or not easily accessed. The distance that can be achieved with PoE Ethernet Extenders varies depending on type of cable, operating environment and power requirements for the end device.



PoE Network Interface Cards (NICs) provide connectivity to a secure fiber network while also delivering power to a PoE powered device (PD), such as a VoIP phone. Developed to support fiber-to-the-desk applications, where fiber is the preferred cabling infrastructure due to its ability to provide secure network connections, PoE NICs can replace two copper-to-fiber media converters at the desktop.

PoE Product Matrix

See PDF for full product matrix.


We value Transition Networks as a vendor. We have been extremely impressed with the capabilities and performance of their products and even more with their support and willingness to work with us to add features or address issues.

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