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Posted July 16, 2015

Survey Infographic Reveals Many Companies Using Copper/Fiber/Wireless Mix in Networks and Confirms Trust in Transition Networks With a 99.4% Approval Rating!

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Info-Graphic-2-insight-FINAL-AI-1920-300x195We’ve just finished compiling your responses to our latest customer survey and have produced an awesome Infographic that shares the results.

The findings are extremely enlightening and provide several key takeaways that will help us refine our current and future product offerings to better meet your business network infrastructure needs and priorities.

When asked about the most important factors considered when making a purchase to support network infrastructures, Quality was selected by 93% of those surveyed. As for difficulties faced in their networks, a majority indicated that Bandwidth & Speed, Configuration & Management, and Reliability & Service Level Agreements were top concerns.

The survey also showed that most of you have a mix of copper, fiber and wireless in your network infrastructures. This combination produces the need for new technologies that bridge the gap for seamless network communications.

Transition Networks offers a wide range of products designed precisely for this purpose. Our media conversion technology enables you to keep pace with infrastructure growth and extend existing copper and fiber networks – in any application and any environment.

Accordingly, survey takers said they think of Transition Networks for media converters, switches, PoE/PoE+ devices, SFPs, Carrier Ethernet NIDs and more.

How Our Solutions Fared

Our participants identified reliability, high quality, and value as main benefits of Transition Networks products. This tells us that we are on the right path to providing exactly what you expect from our solutions.

One of the most gratifying results of the survey was that 99.4% of respondents said they would recommend Transition Networks to others. Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate all of you who participated in the survey and confirmed your trust in our solutions. The results will allow us to ensure that Transition Networks products and services continue to match your business requirements and give you the technology needed to enhance the features and benefits desired for your evolving network infrastructures.

As always, we welcome your input at any time – not just in our surveys. Please feel free to contact the Transition Networks team at to share your thoughts, requests and suggestions.

View the Infographic we created to summarize our Network Infrastructure Survey findings.

I’ve used Transition Networks’ products in my customer installations for years. I’ve always found their products, customer service, sales, and tech support to be top-notch. I wouldn’t even consider using another brand.

Senior Project Manager at IT Solutions Provider