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Posted February 22, 2017

Does Every Network Upgrade Need a New Cable Plant? No, Says Network World Article

By: Curt Carlson | Posted in:

Is a cable upgrade required for every network technology upgrade? That might be industry convention, but it’s not always true.

Cable UpgradeCabling upgrades are costly and are one of the most time intensive aspects of a network upgrade. Using new media converter technology can help leverage an existing cable plant and reduce the need for cabling upgrades.

I wanted to open the eyes of network managers to this way of thinking, which is why I wrote an article titled “Maximizing use of existing cabling saves time, money and headaches,” which was published recently on Network World’s website.  Apparently, this message struck a chord with the editors as the article was republished in publications around the world including ITworld in the U.S., TechWorld in Australia, and ComputerWorld in the Philippines.

The article discussed how new media converters are addressing some of the most popular cabling types in today’s enterprise networks, including coax, Cat3, 2-wire, Cat5, Cat6, multimode fiber and single mode fiber.  You can read the entire article on Network World’s website. If you know you need a media converter, extender or NID, take a look at our product page on our website.

No matter what network application you are working on, upgrading cabling no longer needs to be a foregone conclusion. Often you can save time and money by using media converter.

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