Posted May 19, 2016

Migrating to Fiber Optic Networks – Explained by Tony LeFebvre in Lightwave

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As bandwidth continues to grow in many enterprises, the question for network managers is not if they need a fiber-optic network, but rather what is the best way to build that network. The authoritative industry journal Lightwave recognized this dilemma when it published an article from Transition Networks’ Tony LeFebvre titled: “Active Ethernet vs. Passive Optical LAN for Copper Network Migration.”


In the article, Tony explained:

“For companies with a copper cable-based architecture approaching the traffic-carrying limits for robust communications and risk to intrusion, it is time to consider a migratory approach to a fiber-optic infrastructure. Advances in passive optical network (PON) and active Ethernet (AE) technologies – both traditional telecom network technologies – offer new, cost-effective Ethernet options that allow enterprises to transition to fiber-optic cabling.”

Tony goes on to provide valuable insight into why enterprises should consider a transition to fiber optic networks and the difference between passive optical LAN and active Ethernet, each presenting their own benefits and challenges. Tony explains that “whether PON or AE is used, enterprises still garner the advantages of fiber-optic networking to address copper wiring’s limits of distance, bandwidth and security.”

Tony’s article is an excellent tool for helping enterprises to make educated decisions on why they need to upgrade their networks and which technologies are best for their company. We encourage you to read the full article here and if you’re interested in making a change in your enterprise network, you can contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution and partner to upgrade your network.

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