Posted March 2, 2017

Best Practices in Media Conversion for Data Center

By: Curt Carlson | Posted in:

Mission Critical Transition NetworksKey trends such as virtualization, big data, cloud access and mobility are increasing bandwidth demands exponentially on data center networks. With these new demands also comes new Ethernet variations, from 2.5 GbE to 40 GbE to even 400 GbE.

Rather than upgrading network infrastructure every time a new standard emerges within the industry, many data center administrators have turned to media conversion. But with all of the media converter options available, the purchase decision can be overwhelming and often times decisions are made based on data sheets or pricing, rather than true functionality.

To help data center administrators better determine what to look for in a media converter solution, Transition Networks wrote a series of blog posts for Mission Critical Magazine entitled “Best Practices For Evolving Data Center Networks Utilizing Media Conversion.”

The seven-part blog series features the best practices beyond the speeds and feeds with an eye toward other key factors to consider when adding or expanding a media conversion system. The best practices are:

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