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Posted November 21, 2019

Our 2019 Industry Trends

By: Nicole Scherck | Posted in:

Each year we attend more than 50 events to share how our solutions help make our customers lives easier.

While the events are important for the attendees to learn about the latest security and smart city IoT solutions, we always learn a lot, too! Between new faces, valued customers, and thought-provoking speakers, we hear what really matters to those who work to improve the performance and security of network infrastructures. As we wrap up the year and reflect on what we’ve learned, below are the three key takeaways in preparation for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Growing cities equal a growing need for smart city IoT: Kicking off GSX, Global Security Expo, in Chicago, Steve Demetriou, Chair and CEO of Jacobs said during the general session opener, “Today more than half of the world’s population lives in urban environments, and more than 3 million people are moving into urban environments every week.” With this immense growth, local and state governments are looking to pinpoint ways to improve quality of life for their citizens and smart city IoT technology is likely a critical component to achieving those goals.  Smart city IoT technology gathers data via sensors placed around a city to detect things like traffic patterns, safety conditions and weather.  Using this data, city officials can make informed decisions on implementing projects that will increase quality of life, preserve resources and save money. Our Self-Enclosed Switch recently won an award for the value it provides in smart city applications, and we’ve worked with many states, and municipalities to deploy power, connectivity and management solutions that make their communities smarter. We are excited to play an essential role in the networks that make it possible for these organizations to benefit from the data available to them through the increasing number of smart devices deployed.


  1. Where products are made definitely matters: Recent increases in government tariffs and security risks associated with some technology products have made many companies and integrators rethink the importance of sourcing products that are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). TAA compliance indicates products have been  primarily manufactured in an approved country. This year, Transition Networks along with many other exhibitors touted their TAA compliant products. For us, it is easy to do: 96.7% of Transition Networks products are TAA compliant. The U.S. Government has long enforced compliance with TAA, and now our security and surveillance customers especially are seeking out TAA compliant products as well, stating that quality and compliance increases their confidence in the solutions they choose for their projects.


  1. Strategic partnerships simplify: Strong partnerships among suppliers can simplify the buying and deployment experience for customers. Our strategic partnerships with Verint, Milestone, Siemens, and our smart building coalition with Berk-Tek and Cree Lighting, make it easy for integrators to quickly and expertly implement important projects, knowing the components work well together and eliminating the hassle of sourcing and testing each and every piece themselves.

Thanks to everyone for another great year! We love the opportunity to greet new and old faces around the world. Be sure to visit our event calendar!

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