Physical Security & Surveillance

Enterprise, agencies and other organizations need to constantly protect their personnel, hardware, programs, networks and data from situations that cause severe harm. Fortunately, we have more control today than ever before due to increased awareness, technology advancements and easy-to-install deployments.

Security and surveillance cameras surround us both indoors and outdoors. They exist in retail stores to monitor customer activity and theft, in businesses for corporate identity and physical security access, in transportation systems for traffic monitoring, on our streets for law enforcement and public safety, and much more.

As the demand for security and surveillance grows, advancements in technology have made it possible to implement higher quality devices more easily and in more locations. One common area that is often overlooked, however, is the availability of the cabling infrastructure used to transport video images from the cameras to the monitoring or storage device and how to get power to the security devices. Designing your video network around coaxial, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) or fiber optic cable combined with Power-over-Ethernet will have a tremendous impact on the flexibility as well as the quality, bandwidth and distance capabilities of your video security and surveillance system.

In addition to our unmatched services and product quality, Transition Networks provides highly reliable media converters, switches and other hybrid devices designed with Power-over-Ethernet, extended temperature ranges, industry-required certifications and remote management. These capabilities support security and surveillance devices for central office, remote locations, indoor and even outdoor environments maximizing the use of existing network infrastructure.

Latest Solution Overview: Power & Manage Security Cameras across 200 Investment Firm Locations

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