Transition Networks


The network needs of Industrial or hardened environments require rugged media converters and hardened Ethernet switches and SFPs that can operate effectively and efficiently under extreme conditions, improve network performance and reduce operational expenses.

The proliferation of these technologies has expedited the need for industrial networks that can handle the large volumes of data efficiently, securely, and reliably. Industrial environments mandate a different class of products to handle the extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dirt, and hazardous locations prone to explosion or fire. Products used in these applications need to be manufactured according to strict guidelines and tested to ensure compliance with industry standards. In order to meet the requirements of these applications, many industrial companies are partnering with Transition Networks for products that solve their most demanding industrial communication needs.

Transition Networks designs the most reliable fiber integration products engineered for hardened environments bringing the security, intelligence and global support to manage your network for a lifetime. Our products are Class 1, Div 2 certified for hazardous, transportation and other settings that are exposed to shock, vibration, and uncontrolled temperatures. These solutions deliver affordable and reliable integration in any data network – in any application – in any environment.

Transition Networks thinks about what is best for their customers. They are very quick to reply and there is continuous follow up until my needs have been met.

Sourcing Manager at Network Integration Provider