Data Center

The growth in mobile and cloud computing has significantly increased the need for centralized Data Centers. Data centers run the applications necessary for computing, managing and storing its organizations core operational data effectively and efficiently. But as technology advances and demand rises, new considerations like utilization of the cloud, virtualization, automation, consolidation and limitations of copper cabling need to be addressed for the next-gen data center.

Adding Transition Networks’ copper-to-fiber conversion products such as the ION Multi-Service Integration Platform to your data center allows you to cost-effectively integrate copper and different types of fiber. This solution extends networks, optimizes existing infrastructure, and provides simple network interface navigation for secure network management. It enables you to maintain a physical layer, transparent pass-through connection between the customer cage and the Meet-Me-Room (MMR).

Also, the use of media converters gives the customer the reassurance that data is NOT passing through a switched network. The security of media converters guarantees that the customer will have no added latency, jitter, or packet inspections, creating a highly secured network.

Transition Networks has a broad portfolio of plug and play, stand-alone and slide-in card media converters. Built to support multiple protocols (TDM and Ethernet) across any interface and physical infrastructure, our conversion platforms offer the power to deliver and manage cross-connections reliably over fiber.

Transition Networks thinks about what is best for their customers. They are very quick to reply and there is continuous follow up until my needs have been met.

Sourcing Manager at Network Integration Provider