Network Switch Port Counts

To meet the needs of networks that are constantly growing and expanding requires switches with a range of port-count densities. Smaller port-count switches can support super users or small work groups. As switches increase in port density, they can serve larger work groups or, for smaller networks, can serve as the backbone switch.

Consumers can find switches with a variety of features in all port-count categories, including SNMP network management (as well as unmanaged switches), Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), hardened features and certifications, and fiber-optic backhaul ports for connecting into other network switches.

Transition Networks offers a wide variety of options in low-density and high-density port counts to offer the most high-performance flexibility for your network. Our switches are also available in enterprise and hardened grades to support networks of all sizes and types. View our switch port count options below.

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