Switch Certifications

Certified Ethernet switches are those that are in conformity with the safety, environmental or health protection standards as required by each certification. There are a number of certifications, including ATEX, CE Mark, Class 1 Div 2, FCC Class A, IEC61850, IECEx Op, UL Listed, and more.

Customers should seek out the appropriate certifications when purchasing switches to ensure that they will operate safely. Also choosing a switch based on its certifications can ensure that the network will be able to extend into harsh environments.

Transition Networks’ Switches provide support for these certifications as well as many others to ensure our products meet the needs of the network. Also, our hardened temperature grade switches are ideal for extending and operating safely in harsh environments.

I have been specifically using Transition Networks’ products on my engineering products for over 10 years. I have always been pleased with their products, their support, and their willingness to listen to requests for new product development.

Technical Lead at Global IT Services and Network Design Provider