Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Media Converters

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology (including PoE+) delivers power and data over copper cabling, enabling the powering of end devices and further improving the utility of the Ethernet standard. PoE combines power and data on one cable – eliminating the need for additional, unnecessary power cable runs to security cameras, wireless access points, or IP phones.

Media converters are utilized to bridge the gap between network types or extend network connections beyond cabling standards. Media converters can also be used to transition from copper cabling to fiber-optic cabling in order to extend the signal distance and maintain signal integrity in electrically noisy industrial environments. PoE media converters offer the benefits of PoE while also capitalizing on the benefits of fiber-optic cabling to the network edge. PoE media converters are also useful in the deployment of fiber-to-the-desk applications for secure connections to VoIP phones. The converter interfaces between the fiber infrastructure and copper ports on VoIP phones and also provides power to the IP phone. This enables users to experience the benefits of VoIP while maintaining the high level of data security that fiber networks provide. As an end-span device, a PoE media converter fully generates the Ethernet signal and can support transmission distances of up to 100M on copper cable. PoE Media Converters can also be used to connect and power remote devices such as Wi-Fi access points and security cameras.

Transition Networks’ PoE media converters are ideal for bridging the gap between network types while also supplying power. Our converters are available in enterprise and hardened temperature grades for added flexibility. We also provide different types of PoE or PoE+ converters including: extenders, injectors, and PoE+ converters. Save money by combining power and data in your network while also increasing your network security with our PoE media converters. View our PoE media converters below.

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