Network Interface Devices (NIDs)

To deliver voice and data network services, telecom carriers will connect their network to a customer’s network at a demarcation point. In many cases, media and network protocol conversion must also take place at the demarcation point as customer LANs are connected to carrier circuit or IP networks. Demarcation points play a critical role in the quick repair of network faults as test equipment can be used to determine if a problem is on the customer or carrier side of the network.

A network interface device (NID) can provide demarcation services for carrier networks, including carrier network termination and circuit protection along with test equipment access. These features are added to media and network protocol capabilities that are at the heart of a NID. These devices are available as stand-alone or as chassis-based systems that feature remote network management capabilities. They support either telecom circuit switched services (DS3) or Carrier Ethernet technology (MEF 9, 14).

Transition Networks’ NID Media Converters provide the ideal demarcation services for your network. Our chassis-based slide-in cards can provide management to the remote stand-alone units while providing you with flexibility and management of your network. Our converters also support a variety of protocols including: Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, DS3 and DS1. View our Network Interface Devices below.

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