Mobile Backhaul

Mobile backhaul is the single most critical link between the mobile radio equipment and the Operators core network. Mobile operators world-wide are optimizing their networks fueled by massive growth in new data applications, with the most cost efficient backhaul technologies. The shift to newer 3G or all IP 4G/LTE technologies to increase backhaul capacity while maintaining existing 2G TDM cellular services is challenging and often requires a phased-in plan for relieving current backhaul capacity constraints. Transition Networks understands that retaining investments in TDM infrastructure is critical, after all, our commitment and industry wide reputation has always been to extend networks while providing the latest in new carrier class products and technology.

Featured NIDsS3280ClockingConverge EMS

Transition’s Packetband-TDM family of products provides an economical migration from pure TDM backhaul to a full Carrier Ethernet implementation. Designed for mobile backhaul TDM to IP convergence using the latest TDM over IP technology, Packetband-TDM family of products protects current investments in TDM infrastructure while allowing an easy and cost effective migration to IP, MPLS or Ethernet network transport. The Service Providers looking to accelerating the convergence to all IP 4G/LTE mobile backhaul require best in class, carrier-grade Ethernet services that adhere to strict service level agreements.

Transition Networks vast portfolio of Network Interface Devices (NIDs) provide an “intelligent” demarcation for mobile backhaul operator and Service Provider networks. Available in both stand-alone or Multi-Service chassis based versions with various port counts and features to choose, each multi-port NID can be independently provisioned for full SOAM, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag and/or ITU Y.1731. Performance engineered for life-time, Transitions carrier class NIDs offer comprehensive management and performance with the latest in Carrier Ethernet technology.

Whether you’re looking to extend TDM circuits over fiber, adding TDM to packet convergence or implementing a pure all IP/Ethernet intelligent demarcation devices, Transition Networks has a corporate-wide, long standing commitment to quality.

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