IP Video Systems

IP video is a convenient, scalable and cost-effective surveillance solution. Surveillance video can be easily transmitted to any PC or server on the network and accessed anytime, anywhere. And, it’s a lot easier – and less expensive – than you might think.

IP video in a copper UTP network is effective for only the most basic internal monitoring and limited to about 100 meters. Transition Networks media converters enable you to cost-effectively deploy fiber optics in existing local area networks (LANs) to improve bandwidth for advanced functionality and to extend coverage for greater, more comprehensive surveillance up to 10km.

Improve security. Save money.

Standardized Ethernet allows you to operate your IP video cameras like you would a laptop or switch – just plug in and play. Transition Networks specializes in copper-to-fiber PoE media converters, so you can support video surveillance on the same cables that provide network connectivity. As a result, you can place cameras anywhere, even in places without power.

IP video surveillance relies on the same components (computers, switches, monitors, etc.) as your network to simplify maintenance for your IT staff, and save costs for you. Plus, it uses distributed processing and can run on multiple networks for unmatched scalability.

Find the media converter that’s right for you

Ideal for fiber-based, non-PoE camera deployments.

Miniature, standalone device for installations with space constraints

Power-over-Ethernet PSE Media Converter

Power-over-Ethernet PSE Media Converter

Chassis-based Fast Ethernet Media Converters

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