Analog Video Security Systems

Copper cabling may compromise even the most basic surveillance on your closed circuit television (CCTV) video security system. Adding feature-rich Ethernet applications or expanding coverage zones for video security is out of your reach unless you build an expensive new network – or, use media conversion to bridge coaxial cable with fiber optics for superior quality and affordability.

Image quality plummets for CCTV systems that extend beyond about 200 meters. Strengthening transmission signals over coax requires expensive amplification, fault correction and surge protection technology. As a result, more security professionals are choosing Transition Networks media converters to leverage their existing copper network infrastructure and add fiber optics capabilities for maximum video security performance.

Benefits of fiber:

  • Extend video coverage without any signal degradation up to 10km (6.2 miles).
  • More bandwidth for next-generation equipment and applications.
  • Immune to electrical interference that could degrade signal or cause interference.

Analog video converters allow you to incorporate fiber optic cabling into your video security system and easily extend your surveillance locations while protecting your image quality from sources of noise and interference.

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