Access Control Systems

Access control has advanced beyond gates and locks. Soon, it’ll advance beyond copper, too. Access control now includes IP-based technology innovations such as keypads, biometrics, smart cards, and radio frequency over Ethernet networks.

Advanced access control systems offer unprecedented security. But, they also transmit complex, precise information that requires additional management control. Traditional rapid serial interfaces and terminal blocks can’t accommodate the bandwidth requirements or the extended distances for comprehensive access control.

Convert to Ethernet

Standardized Ethernet allows you to operate your IP video cameras like you would a laptop or switch – just plug in and play. Transition Networks specializes in copper-to-fiber media converters, so you can support your access control devices on the same cables that provide network connectivity.

Transition Networks device servers convert RS signals to Ethernet to provide efficient, cost-effective access control for a wide range of organizations and applications. RS media converters transport data over fiber networks for maximum distance while establishing a path for Ethernet in the future. Ethernet copper to fiber converters transport data over extended distances without quality hindering interference. The devices also use Ethernet copper to fiber converters to supply Power over Ethernet (PoE) for advanced access control systems.

Which one is right for you?