Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Due to its scalability, reliability, and cost advantages - Ethernet is rapidly being deployed as an effective technology across a wide spectrum of transportation applications. Whether in trains, buses, ships or traffic control systems each application requires fast, efficient and robust operations in order to meet the performance expectations of that particular network. Communications uptime is of the utmost importance to ensure that the safety and security of passengers and equipment are maintained. With an unparalleled product offering, backed by the only lifetime warranty of its kind, Transition Networks supports mission critical transportation applications.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our exclusive “no-small-print” Lifetime Warranty covers any Transition Networks equipment in your industrial network. Even your power supplies and SFP modules are covered. As a network equipment supplier that has served the industry for more than 25 years, we’ll insure your entire network lasts as long as your plant.

To learn more about Transition Networks’ solutions for your transportation systems please check out the product links below or call 800-526-9267 or +1 952 941 7600 for more information.