Broadband has unveiled a new world for subscribers, full of advanced capabilities and faster speeds. Your challenge is to meet their demands without compromising your budget.

Because of its bandwidth, speed and security potential, fiber optics has become the choice for many service providers. Fiber optic connections typically require two strands of fiber – one for transmitting and one for receiving signals. But, what happens when you need to add services or customers, but you’ve exhausted your fiber lines?

Cost-effective optimization of fiber

Bury the idea for additional fiber lines. That’s a long, expensive and unnecessary risk. Transition Networks offers a wide range of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) products . These low-cost, passive options leverage your existing network and provide new and additional revenue generating services to customers.

Transition Networks CWDM products come with our industry-standard lifetime warranty so you can be assured your subscribers will receive the highest levels of service quality and reliability. Understanding WDM Technology

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