Secure Data Communications Over Fiber

For over 25 years, Transition Networks has been a trusted government partner by building on strong agency relationships to provide customized, energy efficient, optical solutions aimed at securing communications while assuring increased return on investment from critical network assets.

Transition Networks is proud to sell through a number of government contracted partners. Please [CLICK HERE] to select from a list of partners who may hold the government contract of your choice.

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Defense Networks

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Today’s High Security Enterprise, Military, Government Agency and Municipal networks are tasked with finding cost-effective, secure network solutions to improve their network’s performance. Defense, Civilian and State & Local Government agencies have become more net-dependent and protecting information is a primary concern, but finding cost-effective solutions to meet the strict security and performance criteria continues to be a challenge. Looking to fiber optics can eliminate TEMPEST security and wire tapping concerns, while increasing performance, bandwidth and durability of your network, but often comes with a high price tag.

Consolidation efforts in the public sector have put strains on network bandwidth and performance and distance limitations of copper are inhibiting agencies from operating efficiently. Budget restraints, however, prohibit building the new fiber infrastructure needed to meet security and performance demands. When current infrastructure isn’t meeting the demands of today’s high security networks, government agencies are turning to cost-effective fiber integration solutions to provide the increased security and network performance they need.

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