Data Center / Colocation – Fiber Extension

Keep up with the scalability of your Colocation Growth with a cost-effective solution

Data Center

Many Carrier Hotels and large Data Center facilities are often met with the distance limitation of copper cabling. Adding Transition Networks’ Copper to Fiber products to your Data Center allows you to maintain a Physical Layer, Transparent, Pass-through connection between the customer cage and the Meet-Me-Room (MMR). The use of media conversion gives the customer and carrier the reassurance that the data is NOT passing through a switched network. This guarantees that the customer will have no added latency, no jitter, no packet inspections and no potential traffic sniffing.

Transition has a broad portfolio of plug and play, stand alone and slide-in-card media converters. Built to support multiple protocols (TDM and Ethernet) across any interface and physical infrastructure—our conversion platforms offer the power to deliver and manage cross-connections reliably over fiber.

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  • Increase the connection distance for meet-me-room or cross connects
  • Scalable with the ability to expand and contract at a moment's notice
  • Modules are hot-swappable and can be added or interchanged as needs grow
  • Extend TDM (T1/E1 - DS3/T3/E3) and Ethernet (10base – 10gbase)
  • A single Media Cross Connect used for a wide variety of applications (Voice, Video, & Data)
  • Reduces power consumption (average of 3 watts per converter)