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You need your Enterprise network to do more, for more users – for less. As a result, new technologies may have outpaced your cabling infrastructure. You could begin an expensive upgrade of your cabling plant. Or, you could use Transition Networks solutions to migrate to a fiber-based cabling system at a fraction of the cost.

#1 choice for fiber integration

Transition Networks solutions can link new fiber cabling with legacy copper-based network devices – including RJ-45 based switches, routers, and NICs – to greatly reduce the expense of a fiber upgrade while improving bandwidth, distance and security throughout the Enterprise.

Designed to support fiber integration in a variety of communication environments, these solutions can accommodate LAN protocols (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, 10/100, Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100/1000), WAN protocols like TDM lines (T1/E1, 4xT1/E1 Mux, DS3/E3, and POTS), SCADA protocols like Serial Communications (RS323, RS422, RS485, V.35, X.21), and physical security protocols like Analog video (CCTV).

With unparalleled experience serving the unique needs of Enterprise customers, world-class 24x7 technical support, and a product Lifetime Warranty, Transition Networks is the choice for cost-effective fiber integration in the Enterprise.

To learn more about Transition Networks solutions for the Enterprise, please click on the product/application specific pages below, or call 800-526-9267.


Applications & Products

Point System™ Chassis
Point System™ Slide-In-Module
Managed 10/100 Switch w/Fiber
Remote IP-Managed Switch


Applications & Products

Point System™ Chassis
Fast Ethernet Class A
Fast Ethernet Stand-Alone
PoE Stand-Alone PSE
T1/E1 Copper to Fiber Slide-In
T1/E1 Copper to Fiber Stand-Alone

Data Center

Applications & Products

Plug & Play™ Gigabit Ethernet
High-Density Media Converter
Fiber in the Data Center


Applications & Products

Point System™ Chassis
10/100/1000 Ethernet Slide-In-Module
10/100/1000 Ethernet Stand-Alone
PoE Stand-Alone PSE Media Converter
PoE PSE Media Converter
Fiber Network Interface Cards


Applications & Products

Defense Networks
Civilian Networks
State & Local

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