S2250/S3250 Network Interface Device


Key Features and Benefits
Designed to demarc the edge of your network, the S2250/S3250 devices offer advanced packet performance metering and service creation directly from customer premises and cell-sites. With a full range of Ethernet rates and interfaces, the comprehensive S2250/S3250 family fits your network from end-to-end.

Service Assurance and Functionality
Performance Monitoring
High-precision, hardware assisted, latency + jitter-free demarcation, monitoring and measurement of latency, jitter, frame loss andcontinuity, including 1-way performance validation with microsecond resolution.

Multi-flow, multi-service, multi-site performance assurance enables real-time SLA assurance over any network. Supports point-to-point, multipoint & mesh topologies, unicast & multicast testing.

In-Service Throughput Testing
Verify the throughput of EVCs in-service, without affecting customer traffic. the S2250/S3250 units generate & analyze traffic flows up to full wire-speed at both layer 2 & 3.

Intelligent Loopbacks
In-service layer 1-2-3-4 loopbacksper-flow, defined by VLAN, Service-Level, MAC / IP addresses or any combination of layer 2-4 header criteria.Units respond to in-band loop-up commands from most third-party Ethernet test sets and monitoring systems, as well as via Y.1731 standards.

Per-Flow Statistics
Real-time statistics of live traffic at layer 1-2-3-4 (per VLAN, Ethertype, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, etc.).

Tapping & Monitoring
Single or dual monitor ports providing filtered, real-time access to unidirectional or bidirectional traffic.

Service Creation and Traffic Control
Service Mapping
Create E-Line, E-LAN & E-Tree services directly
at the demarc point -service mapping
applies C/V-LAN tags (selective push)
and/or configurable service class to traffic
meeting detailed layer 2,3 & 4 criteria.

Bandwidth Policing
Limit upstream and downstream CIR/EIR by
filtering criteria or for all traffic. Facilitates
Carrier Ethernet service provisioning and ondemand/
incremental service upgrades.

Wire-speed Filtering
Filter wirespeed traffic at layer 1-2-3-4
(L2CP, BDPU, per VLAN, Ethertype, Protocol
type, MAC, IP, User Defined).

General Functionality
Jumbo Frames Support: All functions supports
Jumbo Frames up to 10,240 bytes
at all rates (10/100/1000 Mbps).

3 –Way Redundant Power: Units can be
powered using 5VDC, or dual -48V feeds,
all mutually redundant.

SNMP v1 & v2c: Support SNMP v1 and
v2c for monitoring, alarms, OSS integration
and unit configuration.

Datasheet [PDF]