EmPowered Ethernet™ Power over Ethernet Injectors


Best Way to Bring Power to Your Network
MILAN by Transition’s new EmPowered Ethernet Series Power-over-Ethernet solutions deliver unified supply of data, voice, and video as well as electrical power through a single source by sending power over standard Category 5 and above twisted pair cables. Power-over-Ethernet simplifies installation and eliminates the need to run separate power cords and LAN cables to each Access Point or port locations.

Our PoE products provide organizations with affordable, easy-to-use solutions that enable them to migrate their network infrastructure to support a growing number of advanced cost-saving, performance enhancing applications, such as streamlining wireless, VoIP, Network IP camera deployments, and centralized power backup solutions. Whether on a factory floor or in an enterprise facility, running power to hard to reach locations with MILAN by Transition’s Power-over-Ethernet solutions significantly reduce cabling and outlet requirements while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

IEEE 802.3af Compliant
The EmPowered Ethernet™ Series Power-over-Ethernet solutions are IEEE802.3af compliant, which means that you are ensured of the following:

Legacy Installation
Ensures safe delivery of power to existing legacy devices as well as power-enabled terminals.

Preservation of Cabling Infrastructure
Avoids altering existing wiring and does not damage cabling infrastructure already in place.

Data Integrity
Power delivery over Ethernet cables does not
cause data degradation or loss of data integrity.

Mid-Span Injector
Easiest way to add support of PoE to an existing network without replacing existing equipment.

Datasheet [PDF]