Management Module for the ION Chassis
The ION Management Module


To take full advantage of the features and functions available with the ION Chassis, an ION Management Module is required. The ION Management Module connects to the chassis backplane and communicates with the individual cards in the ION Chassis. Only management traffic – no end-user data traffic - is sent across the ION Chassis backplane to maintain security.

Each slide-in-module for the ION Chassis has specific features and functions that are controlled via the ION Management Module. A network administrator can configure, monitor and troubleshoot ION slidein-modules remotely via the ION Management Module. This remote management helps reduce operating expenses (OpEx) by reducing technician dispatches. Remote Management allows for faster meantime-to-repair (MTTR) by proactively receiving traps and alerts on potential issues. With less down-time you are able to focus on revenue generating aspects of your business.

Transition Networks understands that no network is managed in the same manner and that different security levels and management interfaces are often required depending on the deployment of the ION Chassis.

With that in mind, we have made the ION Management Module one of the most versatile and secure management modules available today.

Datasheet [PDF]