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DbManager is a Windows, Graphical User Interface (GUI) providing full management of all PacketBand, MediaBand and Liberator products in the network. DbManager offers a 4 layer directory type structure network map window, 2 event windows (one historic and one current), and a terminal window showing communications between Manager and devices.

DbManager can be provided to support up to 15 user seats, with each seat having full visibility of the network map and connection to devices. Options exist on DbManager for North-Bound SNMP support. The SNMP support adds a proxy agent to the DbManager whereby Alarms & Events received by DbManager from the devices are transmitted out of the NB SNMP interface as Trap/Alarm messages. All Even/Alarms are also stored locally on the DbManager PC hard drive.

DbLite is designed to provide configuration/management on a local basis. DbLite allows connection to only a single device (via serial or Ethernet) and is included with each PacketBand, MediaBand and Liberator product.

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