Network Management

Transition Networks offers three different network management solutions that work to simplify control over your network infrastructure.

CONVERGE™ EMSCONVERGE™ EMS is our most advanced and intelligent, highly-scalable, Carrier Grade solution that simplifies management and service provisioning of Transition’s Carrier Ethernet products for the Telco market. Converge™ EMS provides powerful performance monitoring features that help service providers monitor services with real-time visibility to meet even the most complex SLAs.
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Focal Point 3.0Focal Point 3.0 SNMP is a JAVA–based SNMP-based graphical user interface (GUI) software that offers a basic simplified fault management for the enterprise space. Focal Point 3.0 allows network administrators to quickly and effectively manage and monitor most of Transition Networks media converter devices and switches without the complexity of learning a new software program.

DbManagerDbManager is a Windows-based, Graphical User Interface (GUI) providing full fault management on all Circuit Emulation Service (CES) products in the network. DbManager offers a 4 layer directory type structure network map window, 2 event windows (one historic and one current), and a terminal window showing communications between Manager and devices. The SNMP support adds a proxy agent whereby Alarms & Events received by DbManager from the devices are transmitted out of the NB SNMP interface as Trap/Alarm messages.

Depending on your management needs, we have the coverage to help you to achieve the operational efficiency required in any dynamic working environment and the usefulness of capitalizing on the ever increasing and shifting network demands.

Converge™ EMS

Network Management

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Network Management

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Network Management

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