Miniature Media Converters

Miniature Media Converters provide simple and cost-effective integration of copper and fiber equipment in an infrastructure where basic conversion between disparate media types is needed. The compact design and limited features make them ideal for applications where physical space is limited and advanced network management is not required. Transition Networks’ Mini Media Converters are the perfect solution for situations where, in order to extend your network, you need to “Just Convert It”.

Media conversion technology allows for the integration of fiber optic cabling into environments with copper-based equipment. As an alternative to replacing legacy equipment, media converters provide a quick, inexpensive method for connecting new or existing fiber with copper-based networking devices. Media conversion is ideal for remote ports at the network edge, and media converters can be deployed back-to-back over fiber or as single stand-alone units. Transition Networks offers a variety of Mini Media Converters with various fiber interfaces and RJ-45 connections to accommodate copper networking devices within Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. They are simple to install, requiring no special configuration or setting of dip-switches — just plug, play, and walk away. Mini Media Converters can be easily deployed in locations where space is at a premium or even placed inside enclosures alongside security cameras or other remote equipment

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