A compact and intelligently managed network solution
for service providers.

S3290 NID is CE2.0 CertifiedThe S3290 represents the next generation of intelligent NIDs; designed to help carriers with rapid service turn up, advanced diagnostics, service level agreement (SLAs) enforcement and multi-service provisioning. The compact and fan-less design requires less rack space and power, and support advanced Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and multiprotocol label switching-transport profile (MPLS-TP) protocols.


Network visibility, service assurance & services delivery

S3290 Compact NID
Transition Networks’ managed S3290 NID provides advanced packet performance metering and service creation directly at customer premises and cell sites. The S3290 is optimized for business Ethernet and mobile backhaul deployments.
The S3290 is a multi-service NID that provides SLA-assurance and advanced fault management that is MEF CE2.0 certified. IEEE 802.1ag Service OAM, ITU Y.1731 Performance Monitoring and IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM are standard features.

  • The S3290 supports advance features such as IPv6 and IPv4, VLANs, QoS, bandwidth allocation, ring protection, jumbo frames and numerous security features.
  • The S3290 supports zero touch provisioning, industry standards CLI and is supported in Transition Networks Converge™ Services Orchestration.
  • The S3290 is a compact, fan-less, design ideal for space constrained equipment closets or coupled with a NEMA-4 enclosure, outdoor environments.
  • The S3290 supports MPLS-TP & Y.1564 traffic generation & reporting.
  • The S3290 enables ease-of-use and services provisioning applications through Converge REST API.

Benefits for service providers include:

Preserve revenue
The ‘legacy’ infrastructure can be retired – the revenue earning service cannot.

Reduce OPEX
Consolidate staff to one silo of operation. No longer need to train new staff on legacy equipment or to purchase hard-to-find and expensive legacy equipment spares.

Improve reliability

Legacy networks were engineered to provide five 9s reliability. Any replacement strategy needs to meet or exceed this metric. Transition Networks provides Access that achieves at least five 9s. Reliability is more than just five 9s: it includes design, execution and post sales too.

Benefits for the enterprise include:

Extend service life
Continue using legacy equipment and applications – with the option of anytime transition to ‘all Ethernet’, there is no need to purchase new equipment, such as VoIP, PBX, etc, or to incur the disruption of change.

Greater performance

They can take advantage of higher data rates from Carrier Ethernet, alongside the existing TDM services.

Get more for less
Ability to maintain existing services and add new ones, with no need for capital outlay on new CPE.

Circuit Emulation Services (CES)
While customers world-wide continue to use TDM/ISDN networks for specific applications, including Public Switched Networks (PSN) for voice traffic, most are aggressively looking to reduce operational and management costs by merging all traffic (voice, video, data) to an all IP Ethernet infrastructure. Transition Networks CES products are designed for ultra-low latency and have advanced clock recovery algorithms for critical timing and synchronization required in mobile backhaul networks. CES provides a means to converge any TDM service (Voice, Video, Data) to any IP, MPLS or Ethernet network transport.

Carrier Ethernet Network Interface Devices (NIDs)
As Ethernet networks evolve, Service Providers look to alternatives to roll-out these services most quickly and effectively leveraging third parties or legacy infrastructure. At these connection points, it is important that the service provider have complete transparency into the operation and can be assured that the service levels are maintained. Transition Networks provides solutions that offer reliable, scalable, and flexible points of success with the option to add additional Ethernet services and applications transparently, while guaranteeing increased customer satisfaction, reliability and uptime. Transition’s extensive portfolio of Carrier Ethernet NID products offer points of connection that reduce your OpEx & CapEx. Our portfolio ensures superior performance, high availability and SLA assurance, which are all supported by Transition Networks expert technical support team.

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