Point System™ Platform

The Point System™ is a cost effective, fully configurable, managed modular media conversion platform that provides users with the flexibility to build their own custom media conversion system. The system includes rack mountable chassis and modular, hot-swappable slide-in-cards. Each Point System™ Slide-In-Module media converter, regardless of protocol, can slide into the same chassis and provide managed media conversion services to suit a custom network application.

Point System™ Chassis

Applications & Products

Single, Dual 8-Slot,
13-Slot, 18-Slot, 19-Slot

Slide-In Cards

Applications & Products

Network Interface Devices
Media Converters

Chassis Power Supplies

Applications & Products

Power Supplies

Mgmnt Module

Applications & Products

Management Module
for Point System™ Platform

SNMP Software

Management Software

Focal Point™ SNMP read/write
management capabilities


Applications & Products

Fan Modules, Face Plates
and Rack Mounts



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