Looking for a Carrier Ethernet Presentation? Self-Paced Webinar?

Managing the Customer Premise Demarcation

The following Carrier Ethernet focused presentation, featuring Applications Engineer, Glenn Buck, covers trends in the Carrier Ethernet market, Service Provider challenges, Ethernet Demarcation, OAM and more. To view the entire session at your own pace, follow the directions below.

It should also be noted that Managing the Customer Demarcation is part of our TN NOW webinar series. Where one hour classes are delivered every Tuesday and Thursday by Transition Networks’ staff and are worth (1) BICSI Continuing Education Credit (CEC). Click here to register for future TN NOW offerings.

Please note: by clicking on the image below, a separate window will launch containing the presentation.

What is Carrier Ethernet?

In addition to the training, the presentation interface contains a variety of other utilities that you can access to further your understanding of the technology. At the top right of the interface are these options:

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Tip: If you have to exit the presentation early, simply return at your own convenience and the presentation will give you the option to resume where you left off.

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