Networking Basics for Cable Installers and Electrical Contractors

Let Curt Carlson, esteemed Product Manager at Transition Networks, talk you through another FREE self-paced, networking training seminar.

Networking Basics for Cable Installers and Electrical Contractors was originally designed for Cabling Installers and Electrical Contractors. However, the overall intent of the presentation is to give those who might be relatively new to data communications, a basic understanding of what makes up a typical network. Which means, anyone who is interested in the topic is welcome to take advantage of this FREE self-paced seminar.

Please note: by clicking on the image below, a separate window will be launched that will contain the presentation.

Networking Basics for Cable Installers and Electrical Contractors

In addition to the training, the presentation interface contains a variety of other utilities that you can access to further your understanding of the technology. At the top right of the interface are these options:

Training AddOns

  • Attachments: Pressing this button will activate a drop-down menu that offers a listing of documentation related to the topic of the presentation. White Papers, Application Notes, and Data Sheets are just a few of the documents available.
  • Bookmark: This gives you options to bookmark the presentation in your browser for later viewing
  • Send Link: The Send Link option allows you to share this presentation with a friend or colleague via email.

At the bottom right of the screen is a toggle button that allows you to change the view on the screen. The optional view includes the option to view the slide selection and change slides. The toggle button looks like this:

Presentation Toggle Button

Tip: If you have to exit the presentation early, simply return at your own convenience and the presentation will give you the option to resume where you left off.

2 Responses to “Networking Basics for Cable Installers and Electrical Contractors”

  1. Carolyn Gentner Says:

    Is this a class you sign up for? Or do you just click into it on your own and take it from there? Is there any documentation that you receive for doing the class that tells the world that you have been educated in the subject of each webinar?

    Carolyn Gentner

  2. Ryan Kavinsky Says:

    Hello Caroyln –

    This is the self paced version of our free training. You may also register for Transition’s webinars: Register for Webinars

    If you are a member of BICSI, you are eligible to earn BICSI CEC credits for attending these trainings. See the Webinar descriptions for the number and type of credits available.

    Unfortunately, credits are not offered for the self-paced online trainings.

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