Fiber Optic Basics: Free Self-Paced Training

This free self-paced training and tutorial focuses on fiber optic basics. Isreal Lawstuen discusses the advantages and disadvantages of applying fiber optics to your network as well as fiber types, fiber construction and common connector types.

Please note: by clicking on the image below, a separate window will be launched that will contain the presentation.


In addition to the training, the presentation interface contains a variety of other utilities that you can access to further your understanding of the technology. At the top right of the interface are these options:

Training AddOns

  • Attachments: Pressing this button will activate a drop-down menu that offers a listing of documentation related to the topic of the presentation. White Papers, Application Notes, and Data Sheets are just a few of the documents available.
  • Bookmark: This gives you options to bookmark the presentation in your browser for later viewing
  • Send Link: The Send Link option allows you to share this presentation with a friend or colleague via email.

At the bottom right of the screen is a toggle button that allows you to change the view on the screen. The optional view includes the option to view the slide selection and change slides. The toggle button looks like this:

Presentation Toggle Button

Tip: If you have to exit the presentation early, simply return at your own convenience and the presentation will give you the option to resume where you left off.

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  1. Isreal Lawstuen Says:

    Hello Juston,

    Unfortunately to receive BICSI CEC’s you’ll need to attend our instructor lead webinars.

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